The Mesmerizing Silk Route

The Mesmerizing Silk Route
The Mesmerizing Silk Route
The Mesmerizing Silk Route
The Mesmerizing Silk Route Tour
The Mesmerizing Silk Route Tour
The Mesmerizing Silk Route Tour

The Old Silk Route or Silk Road which passes through East Sikkim is a part of the ancient network of trade routes which connected China to India. This route passed through Lhasa and Nathu La and Jelep La Pass and finally reached the port of Tamralipta (present Tamluk in West Bengal) from where it took to the sea and reached far east. This Ancient Silk Route is expected to have been discovered by traders as early as First Century AD.Most of the Mountain Passes in this region of the Eastern Himalayas are around 14,000 feet above sea-level and stays snow covered from November to April, which makes this route one of the most inhospitable regions on earth. The distance between Lhasa and Tamralipta through this nearly obscure part of the Ancient Silk Route was around 900 kms, which is significantly less than other seaports from Lhasa and this route was comparatively a safer land route option for the traders’ caravans.

Most popularly termed as the South West Silk Route, this is one of the most ancient parts of the route which connected the Yunan Province of China to Tibet and finally to India and as far as Afghanistan. Interestingly, silk was not the most treasured item traded in this part of the route – it was horses and tea, so the Chinese often referred this route as Dianzang Chama Gudao (ancient road of tea and horses between Yunnan, Tibet and India). Other important items traded in this route were sugar, salt, copper and cotton and unlike its counterparts in Central Asia, the caravans in this part of the South West Silk Route comprised horse caravans and not the Bactrian camel caravans.

We have the best possible travel itinerary for you in Silk Route. Apart from this as per your requirement we can plan the tailor made packages.

NJP – Chumirchen – Padamchen/Zuluk – Nathang – Reshikhola - NJP

Day 1

Siliguri/ NJP/ Bagdogra to Chumirchen: Reach Chumirchenfrom NJP. Nature Walk in Pine Forest.Overnight at Chumirchen.

Day 2

Trek to Damsang Fort, Valley of Silence, sightseeing trip to Kalimpong, Tinchuley view point would be very rewarding. Also Chumirchen is a fantastic place for nature walk and bird watching and it’s a photographer’s delight. Home stays in Chumirchen is well equipped with electricity, warm water and attached western bathrooms. Overnight stay at Chumirchen.

Day 3

Chumirchen to Padamchen :Perched on a hill slope at 8000 ft and covered in dense forests, Padamchen is a small village on the Silk Route circuit just 14 kms from Rongli and 4 kms from Zuluk. Padamchen experiences a very pleasant weather throughout the year and this is one of the main reasons for its popularity. If you are not used to biting cold and snowfall but want to experience the mesmerizing sunrise, excellent views and winding roads and valleys of this Silk Route circuit, then staying at Padamchen could be a choice. Padamchen has some of the best views of the valleys and forests of this part of Sikkim and Himalayan foothills. The forests around Padamchen support a wide variety of bird population and bird watchers would love to spend a few days here. Overnight stay at Padamchen.

Day 4

Padamchen to Nathang :Early morning sunrise trip to Thambi View point and continue sightseeing at Zuluk, Zig Zag road, Lungthung and reach Nathang. Sightseeing at Old Baba Mandir, Kupup Lake, New Baba Mandir, Menmecho Lake (you have to trek to reach Menmecho), Tukla Valley, Jelepla Pass, Yak Golf Course, Ice Hockey Field. Overnight stay at Nathang.

Day 5

Nathang to Reshikhola: It’s a 75 Kms distance and start early morning for Reshikhola .After reaching Reshikhola take a dip in the Reshi River and drown yourself in the sound of gushing water. At Reshikhola, you can do some basic angling too. If you are a birdwatcher, then you can take a walk in the surrounding forests too. The nearest tourist destinations of Reshikhola are Pedong, SilleryGaon, Kaagey Village, Mankhim, Aritar, Lingzey and Kalimpong. As Reshikhola is a much warmer place just 2000 feet above sea level, it is favoured by tourists as the final retreat in the Silk Route.

Day 6

to NJP/Bagdogra: Morning after breakfast start your journey to NJP/Siliguri.