ReshiKhola - Sikkim


Rishikhola, an emerging riverside tourist destination nestled in the Kalimpong sub division offers a soothing refuge from the frantic city life. The name of the location has been derived from the Reshi River (Khola in Nepali means a small stream). The destination is gradually gaining popularity among the tourists for its unique location and picturesque scenic landscape. Topographically, ReshiKhola marks the division between the states of West Bengal and Sikkim. Moreover, it is also the perfect stopover for the tourists travelling to “The Silk Route” tour as Reshi is an ideal camping ground and picnic spot.

ReshiKhola - Sikkim

Nearby attractions of Rishikhola :

Rishikhola, one of the pristine hill stations nestled in the Darjeeling District is located at a distance of 37 km from Kalimpong. However, Rishikhola is also recognized as the stopover for your journey to Silk Route in India. From Rishikhola, you can organize trips to neighboring areas like Pedong, Kupup, Aritar and Zuluk. Adventure loving tourists can also experience a trek to Menmecho Lake.