Monglajori is the heaven for the avid bird watchers. The village of Monglajoriis located about 60 km. southwest of the city of Bhubaneshwar off NH5 and 4 km. southeast of the Tangi town. It is located in the Khurda district of Orissa. The region is primarily a freshwater swamp, spotted at the northeastern fringe of the Chilka Lake. This wetland of Monglajori is fed by a number of channels that cross through the reed beds along the brackish water of the Chilka Lake.

Monglajori is an extensive wetland spanning an area over 300 sq. kms. The area is a safe haven of around 236 species of birds, among which, most are migratory. The tourists are truly thrilled by watching various species of birds, which include Northern Shoveller, Pintail, Brahminy Duck, Bar headed goose and others. Moreover, the tourists can also closely observe the nesting, breeding of some regional wetland birds like Open billed stork, Purple moorhen etc during the rainy season. The nearby prime spots of tourist interest are the Chilka Lake and Nalabana Bird Sanctuary. Chilka Lake is a salt water estuarine lagoon, which is the haven of seven to eight lakh birds, comprised of 121 species.

Birds at Monglajori:

  • Brahminy Duck
  • Northern Shoveller
  • Pintail
  • Bar headed goose
  • Open billed stork
  • Ruddy Shelduck

  • Whiskered Terns
  • Little Cormorant
  • Brahminy Kite
  • Black-tailed Godwit
  • Indian Pond Heron
  • Marsh Sandpiper

  • Grey Wagtail
  • Asian Pied Starling
  • Black-winged Stilt
  • Large Egret
  • Median Egret
  • Bronze-winged Jacana
  • Purple moorhen

Apart from these you can get all the regional wetland birds