Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary

Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary

Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the district of Balasore in the state of Orissa. The forests of the region cover the Nato hills and the Sukhupata hills merging with the Similipal National Park. One of the major Orissa wildlife sanctuaries, the Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary is home to rare species of animals and plants. The Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary in Orissa spreads across an area of 272.75 square kilometers. The thick wooded forests of the region are home to wild animals like the tiger, elephant, leopards, sambar, bison, gaur and giant squirrels. The forest also houses a variety of birds like hornbills, hill myna and peafowl. The perennial streams that water the forests are home to a variety of reptiles. The government of the state of Orissa maintains the wildlife sanctuary which preserves the rare and endangered species of animals and plants.

As one reaches the perfect clearing in the jungle, leopards can be seen licking themselves clean on extended branches of trees, while elephants and deer’s forage the ground. Jungle Fowl and monkeys are common sight there.

Even in the moonlight, one can catch sharp shadows of the pachyderms from a distance of 20 meters. It is a truly enjoyable sight to see the elephants shoveling the earth with their feet and trunks to get at the salt balls below.

Yet it boasts of a healthy population of elephants along with deer, bison, bear and leopard. And if the forest guard is to be believed, the herbivores are regular visitors at the saltlick. Though the lack of tourists has worked well for the forest, it has also resulted in the lack of preparedness among department officials to receive them.

Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary Kuldiha Wildlife Sanctuary