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Executives are increasingly attracted to the adventure venue business trips, which combines team building and strategic planning trainings with adventure travel.

Nature Halt
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India is filled with incredible birding destinations, so we have decided to concentrate on those areas that can be tricky for most people to visit alone or in small groups.

At A Glance

Wildlife tourism encompasses interactions with wildlife, such as observing and photographing animals in their natural habitats.

At A Glance

Above & Beyond

ABOVE & BEYOND, a tourism company operates from Kolkata with excellent tourism knowledge in each destination and the services we provide. Sometime back, three nature and wildlife enthusiasts decided to start a tourism company concentrating mostly on Birding, Wildlife and Nature tourism. We conduct different Tour Packages, Excursions, Birding and Wildlife tours, Adventure and Nature Halt trips across India with experienced photographers and guides.

We serve the diverse consumer .You can get the family packages to excursions or booking a vacation or a quick weekend getaway with an ease. Our team comprises of knowledgeable tour operators who understand the in and out of travel business.

There are many unexplored places across India. We have discovered few of those and guarantee that even you haven’t heard about those places. We personally visited and explored that there is a huge amount of opportunity of wildlife and birding in those destinations. We would like to invite you to come with us and explore the new life in yourself. Our hunt is still going on and we are going to serve you a lifetime experience which you have never come across.

What do we do?

We enjoy taking you to see the top destinations and unknown places in India and Bhutan. Staffed by dedicated travel professionals, wildlife enthusiasts and photographers, we are passionate about organising outstanding, competitively priced, responsible nature and wildlife experiences around the country.

Our holidays include tour packages, bird watching, nature halt, variety of wildlife safaris and expedition cruises to some of the most spectacular and uncommon regions in India.

Do come & visit us

You are always welcome to drop in and see us to discuss your holiday arrangements or travel possibilities. Please do call or write a mail as mentioned. And it's a good idea to get directions!

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